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Mckulla Paszkiewicz
I am involved in photography club and theater. I mainly participate in theater because I enjoy being able to express feelings, perform and pretty much take on the life of the character and be someone else for a minute. I've been involved in a couple school musicals, student directed one acts, etc. During my free time I enjoy singing karaoke, watching random YouTube videos, draw, baking for friends and family. What I like about Newspaper is how many different stories are written and photographed by our classmates/peers. Personally, I love writing and could see myself being a reporter, so being able to be in a class where writing, reporting and researching different topics is done the whole time is really enjoyable. I've always loved English class and love taking photographs, so having the opportunity to do both of my hobbies really excites me!

Mckulla Paszkiewicz, Junior: Writer, Photographer

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