Jordan Copsey


Khalia Woods

What really happened on Malaysia flight 370? That is something Jordan Copsey researched while writing her articles on conspiracy theories.

“I started off doing one of the popular ones, so I did Malaysia flight 370 and then the Mattress Firm, like laundering things,” Copsey said. 

Copsey found her love for journalism in eighth grade, and ever since she has enjoyed writing columns for the Hi-Life publications.

“Honestly, in eighth grade, they did the whole presentation thing between other electives you could take, and I kind of wanted to do one of these English type electives, I didn’t know what- I was actually planning on doing yearbook, and then whenever yearbook did it I was kind of not as interested in it as I newspaper was in newspaper, and so I just decided like I was going to take newspaper,” Copsey said. 

Copsey not only enjoys writing about conspiracy theories, but she also likes writing and interviewing people about a topic she called “super straight.”

“With the super straight, it was like talking to people about how this affects them and people would be like, oh yeah I like you, but I’m super straight, and I can use slurs that are for LGBT, but not like trans people,” Copsey said. 

Copsey writes about LGBT so she can educate students. 

 “But I do try to educate. I came out, I understand it,” Copsey said. 

But I do try to educate. I came out, I understand it”

— Jordan Copsey

When Copsey is not writing an article, you can most likely find her playing her viola in the orchestra. She started playing in fifth grade and has been attached to her instrument from that year forward. 

“I have been doing orchestra since fifth grade, and then, when I was in kindergarten, my brother was in orchestra, and so my brother introduced me to the orchestra because I always had to go to his concerts and stuff. And once I got into fifth grade, I did it, and I liked it,” Copsey said. 

For people who are not in an orchestra, it may be easy to confuse a viola and a violin. Copsey explains that though they may sound similar in name, the viola and violin are completely different instruments. One of the main differences between the two instruments is the string names. 

“Violins have an ‘e’ string, we don’t, we have a ‘c’ string so it goes-so like string wise on a viola- it goes c-g-d-a, and then on a violin it’s g-d-a-e, so they can play a lot higher notes than we can, and we can play a lot lower notes that they can,” Copsey said. 

While Copsey does newspaper and orchestra in school, she also does softball outside of school. She is currently looking for a competitive team to play on but has lots of experience as she is good at three positions. 

“I do catcher mainly, and then I do second, and then I do left-center,” Copsey said. 

Through all of the activities that Copsey does, she does her hardest where it matters. 

“You have to put in that little extra bit of work to find things,” Copsey said.