Miller’s Minute: Game Grumps

A show surrounding two friends playing video games and making witty commentary

Miller’s Minute: Game Grumps

Jaeden Miller

(Disclaimer: Adult content and language)

The Game Grumps is a YouTube channel based around 2 best friends playing video games. Despite how simple that sounds, it is one of the funniest experiences one can have. The show was originally started by two already well-known YouTubers, “JonTron” aka Jon Jafari and “Egoraptor” aka Arin Hanson. The two were good friends and decided to make a YouTube channel where they could upload more frequently, as Jafari did live-action skits and Hanson did animations, both of which take a long time and a lot of work.

After about two years of Game Grumps, Jafari decided to leave the channel in order to put all of his time and energy towards his personal channel, Jontron. Hanson found a new co-host, a man by the name of Dan Avidan. Avidan has a channel of his own with another good friend of his, where they post music for their comedy band “Ninja Sex Party,” often simplified to “NSP.” Working together, Hanson and Avidan have created a very popular channel with an incredibly passionate fanbase. Hanson has turned a simple YouTube channel into a full business, with merchandise, tours, an office, and more. 

On the topic of businesses, Hanson also runs the company Real Good Touring with co-founder Brent Lilley. Real Good Touring is a company used by internet personalities and independent performers to take their show or talent on the road. They allow these people to go on proper tours without dealing with much larger companies that typically work with more “traditional” celebrities.

Hanson and Avidan have managed to create a rather beautiful, but sometimes toxic environment surrounding themselves and their channel. The fans of Game Grumps are incredibly passionate, and often mistreat others online when anything negative is said about the channel, Hanson, Avidan, or any other employees of the company. Because of this, many people dislike Hanson and Avidan, as they feel the two of them are perpetuating a toxic and negative culture. Because of these facts, my rating for this channel will have to drop a point or two. I give the Game Grumps channel a 7/10