Miller’s Minute: Defunctland

A web show all about theme parks and themed attractions

Miller’s Minute: Defunctland

Jaeden Miller

Defunctland is such a unique, interesting, and entertaining show that it is hard to find any faults in it.”

When it comes to traditional web shows, it is pretty uncommon for me to find entertainment in them. Personally, I prefer the fast-paced comedy of most modern YouTube channels. However, Defunctland is such a unique, interesting, and entertaining show that it is hard to find any faults in it. 

The central theme of Defunctland is theme parks and themed attractions. The show’s creator and narrator, Kevin Perjurer, discusses the history of theme parks and attractions, why they may have closed, who was involved in them, and more. Additionally, the Defunctland channel has extended out to more shows. The other primary show Perjurer produces is titled DefunctTV, a show going over now extinct shows of the past. 

Defunctland is a very in-depth show, going over all necessary information for each given topic. Along with being informative, the show is wildly entertaining. Learning about these gone and often forgotten shows and themed experiences conjures up loads of intrigue. It is most entertaining when Perjurer discusses something the viewer has experience with. For example, the most popular video on the channel is one about the Nickelodeon Hotel, which ran from 2005 to 2016. I believe most people currently in high school would have experienced the Nick Hotel in some fashion, whether that be through tv commercials or actually having gone there. 

DefunctTV is just as entertaining as Defunctland. Discussing shows that no longer exist and the history behind them, Perjurer manages to make even things one already knows about very interesting. With his very deep voice, Perjurer not only informs and entertains, but soothes as well.

All in all, Defunctland and DefunctTV are extremely good web shows. Perjurer and his team clearly know what they are doing and talking about, and create very fascinating and entertaining content. Very few other channels on YouTube create content similar to Perjurers, which is a good thing. Based on all of these things, I am going to give Defunctland my very first 9/10.