Same Food, New Rules

A look into the new cafeteria rules


Logen Myers

Back to full-time school has created problems for not just students, but teachers as well. Part of being back meant that the administration must find safe ways for students to come back and not spread COVID-19.

“I understand that it is different than normal, and I can understand how that can be hard, but it is necessary for the environment we are in,” assistant principal Dr. Boan said.

Lunchtime is no exception. The school has spent a large portion of time on the rules for the cafeteria, and they have created something they feel is safe enough for the students and teachers.

“Each school was tasked with identifying the rules and procedures for the lunchroom. We had guidelines we had to fit,” Boan said. 

Like most things in school this year, the lunchroom now showcases new rules and restrictions for students when they attend lunch. 

I think the lunchroom is doing a good thing by keeping people spread apart because it’s COVID in all,” junior Avion Wallace said.

Some of the new rules include assigned seats, socially distanced chairs, mask policies, and new locations to eat. One hot topic is the assigned seats, which students were allowed to pick.

“I like this idea because we can space ourselves out more,” Wallace said.

The new assigned seats have been the hot topic so far, with some students a little upset over this new rule. However, it does help the school locate close contact students who might have been exposed at lunch.

I understand that it is different than normal, and I can understand how that can be hard, but it is necessary for the environment we are in”

— Dr. Boan

“If a student gets COVID teachers can go see who they sit by so it’s easier to determine who else has been in contact with that student,” Wallace said.

Another change is the location of lunch. Students now have the choice to sit in the lunchroom, the fieldhouse, or the gym.

“I can say that we have some kids who are enjoying eating in the Field House. There’s natural sunlight and it’s not as crowded. They’re enjoying that aspect of it,” Boan said.

As warm weather looks to come back as well, some students are hoping to get a chance to sit outside during lunch. 

“I think when the weather is nicer we can have the ability to move some kids outside as well,” Boan said.
As we work our way through this COVID year, we can always look to be safer. Especially during lunch. Students can do their part to limit the spread of COVID-19.

“I think kids should be more mindful at lunch with their masks. They can make sure they pull them back up when they’re not eating or something,” Wallace said. 

The district, school and teachers all want the students to feel safe and comfortable at school. While some of their rules or decisions this year are debatable, there is no doubt the lunch rules we handled responsibly and were the best option as we return to in-person school.