Drones In Sports

Drones In Sports

A player scores a goal. The cameras on wires surrounding the field are able to catch a good shot of the score. There is one device that may help view the statistics of the play even better than just an ordinary camera.

“Drones could help capture game footage that can’t be caught from the bleachers or ground area,” girl’s basketball coach Jessica Crawford said.

There are many who think drones would be helpful in college and high school sports for many reasons. However, others think it may be a crime to do so because drones are not “human.”

“Drones are just another piece of technology, we’ll learn to become accustomed to it,” Crawford said.

Drones are good for analyzing gameplay and some good photography of aerial views for sports, and they provide faster and more dynamic broadcasts of sports, something that wire cameras cannot provide.

“Drones could be used for spotting fouls that a coach or referee may not spot,” Crawford said.

While drones may be silent and not fly down far enough for anyone to worry, there are raised concerns on the physical safety of the players while the drones are in flight. There are concerns that the drones might fall onto the field or into players, and depending on the drone, could cause great injury.

“I suppose a drone could have some problems. There’s always a chance that they might mess up,” Crawford said.

Another common debate is whether or not the drones will affect the players’ ability to concentrate on the game instead of the hovering apparatus above them. This could not only jeopardize the win of the game, but the ability for anyone to concentrate on the game.

“I imagine that it would be a have-to adjustment. I doubt it’ll bother anyone after a while,” Crawford said.

Drones may even be able to improve the performance of the players. By using special drone footage and movement analysis, they can examine the players’ problems and do their best to help correct the error.

“If someone travels a lot, or has a common error, the drones could examine the specific skillsets that are lacking and the coaches can help to fix the wrongdoings,” Crawford said.

While drones may always remain a conflict in the world of sports, they definitely have their pros and cons. Technology will always play a role in sports, but many people have a boundary on when technology is doing too much of the work. Because of incidents like the drone on the White House lawn, drones may never gain the respect of everybody. But we can always try our best to get drones in the field wherever we can.