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The 7 Chakras

Understanding chakras can lead to better emotional, physical, and spiritual health

Chakras have had some mainstream exposure, like on the animated TV show Avatar: The Last Airbender, but most people have no idea what they are or that they even exist. While the producers gave a good, easy-to-understand explanation, that episode does not do the idea of chakras justice. 

Chakras go way back in time. They were first mentioned in the Vedas, which are ancient sacred texts relating to spiritual knowledge and findings. There is quite a bit that goes into this ancient tradition.

Most experts agree that there are around 114 chakras, but the seven most important ones fall in a line along the spine. The word “chakra” means wheel, so imagine circles of spinning energy. They correspond to nerves, organs, and areas of the body that regulate mental and physical health. Each chakra has a name, symbol, color, area of the body, and health focus associated with it. There are certain frequencies that aid in helping balance the chakras. Yoga, journaling, meditation, listening to music, dancing, and several other practices help with keeping them aligned. 

When one is working to balance their chakras and realizes that one is out of whack, it can make life a lot easier for themselves and others. It is important to begin at the root and work on up, and a good dose of positivity will always aid the process. 

the Muladhara
the Swadhisthana
the Manipura
the Anahata
the Vishuddha
the Ajna
the Sahasrara

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