Hannah Neirman

Meeting the Artist with Abbygale Baker


Courtesy Of Hannah Nierman

Hannah Neirman is an IB Visual Arts student in her junior year, and her outstanding art has caught the attention of many for obvious reasons. Hannah’s ability to create stunning pieces lives up to the expectations of creators taking IB Visual Arts this year, and Hannah is among many talented students at LSHS worth acknowledging. For Hannah, art has always had a special place in her life. 

“I have always taken art in school when I could, as well as working outside of school. Both of my parents met in college for graphic design, so naturally, I was surrounded by art at a young age,” Hannah said. 

This artistry comes from a place of deeper meaning, and Hannah has many motivations behind her passion for creating art. 

“There are many reasons why I like art, but I would say the main reason I like it is because there is no end to creating. Also, as someone with OCD, I struggle with my own thoughts, but when I am creating, that is one of the few times I can truly let go. Art is therapy for me.” 

Heron by Hannah Nierman

Art is a never-ending outlet of creativity. It allows grace for creators like Hannah to create pieces that truly resonate with them and those who view their work. For Hannah, a piece she likes at the moment is titled “The Heron.” 

“I have thought of many name ideas for this, so it will probably change in the future. I like this piece because it stemmed from a single idea in my sketchbook and basically made itself. From there I was able to create a storyboard to go along with it. I think it was really satisfying to work backward and let the meaning come naturally. It also helped me realize that not everything has to be done in a certain way,” Hannah said. 

From someone who is taking an art class for the first time in years, Hannah’s art is insanely admirable. From her shading and coloring to her portraits and landscapes, Hannah has a beautiful presence in her work that can only be found at the hands of those who are passionate about their interests. The Heron is a perfect example of this in the way the vibrant orange stands out among the shadows. On top of this, Hannah’s ability to recreate texture found in charcoal artwork digitally is impressive as well. All around, Hannah is a talented individual with a lot of potential to craft more outstanding work in the future.