Authenticity in Burgers

There are many things that go into fast-food burgers, that people may not know.


Noah Swopes

The widely popular McDonald’s, feeds a whopping 68 million people a day. That is almost 1 percent of the world’s population. However, there is a way to know what’s being put into a burger.

People may never know how long a fast food burger has been kept. When it comes to a homemade burger, they are usually made the day of being bought. There are many preservatives put into a fast food burger that even after a week or two weeks, it will look as good as new. One of the main concerns is the differences between grass-fed and artificial, genetically modified beef.

“There is certainly a lot of talk about certain beefs, like if one is higher quality or not, the thing for me is that it’s easier to digest, and it is healthier for you.”

A specific example given by world strongman Brian Shaw stated.

However, not everyone eats meat. Some religions cannot eat meat due to their practices. Therefore, there are many alternatives like: black-bean burgers, turkey burgers, and other assortments of veggie burgers. The alternatives still have almost the same amount of nutrients, if not even more. Veggie burgers can still be processed so the best thing to do is to find a grocer or a farmers market selling those ingredients to make a veggie burger. One example of a fast food company who are trying the trend of veggie/alternative burgers is Burger King. They introduced the “Beyond Burger” back in late April as a spike of restaurants started to introduce such alternatives.