Career Experience

It takes a lot of time and focus to run a school, here is how principal Dr. Harrison does it.


Noah Swopes

It all started when she taught in the Adrian school district as a science teacher. She taught Life-Sciences courses such as Biology, Anatomy, and Environmental Sciences in 7-8 grades.

“Teaching gives you the chance to grow as well as learn new skills in the field of education,” says Harrison. 

She has always had a soft-spot for wanting to give everyone and everything a chance to grow and develop. Faculty in school districts have always been one of her strong-suits, and she will accept any new challenge that comes her way.

“I want to expand in new areas, and I thrive on that, I want to learn something new, I want to be challenged by the next thing that’s coming,” replies Harrison.

Being an assistant principal and a principal for so long, Dr. Harrison fears that if she were to return to teaching, she will be out of her element and not remember how to teach.

“One of the things that I’ve discovered after 8 years out of the classroom is I don’t know that I could go back and be a really good teacher,” says Harrison.

The main thing that progress and satisfaction requires is growth, and growth requires having a bigger frame of mind.

“I’ve had a different picture of the inner workings of an education system, so I’m no longer focused on what happens within my four walls, but what happens throughout the entire school,” says Harrison.