Eghosa Ogbevoen

Step into the life of Eghosa Ogbevoen.


Kinley Monk

She rushes from Tigerettes to Sounds of Summit. After she finally gets home at 9 o’clock, she has to do her IB calculus homework, an IB history IA investigation, IB biology notes and a reading for IB english. 

As a member of the Golden Tiger Marching Band, Tigerettes, Sounds of Summit, Track and Field, Student Senate, National Honor Society, National French Honor Society, Tiger Pride Advisory and IB diploma, senior Eghosa Ogbevoen has many stressful nights like that. She is always on the go and extremely busy, that is why her planner is super important to her. She writes down all the extracurriculars and assignments she has to make sure she gets everything done. On top of all of the things she has going on, she makes sure to be there for her family and friends. 

“Even though she has her own life, she makes sure that all my stuff is done and that I get everywhere I need to be” says her brother Osahon Ogbevoen.

  Being involved with as much as she is, being stressed sometimes is just part of the deal. She said  “If she could put together the second semester of junior year and first semester of senior year, that would be the most stressful year of high school.”

Although there have been stressful things about this year, there have been very exciting things going on too.

She described winning homecoming queen as very satisfying because she had wanted to be homecoming queen since freshman year.

 “I saw the homecoming queen my freshman year and was like, I want to do that. But I never really thought I could win homecoming queen. It was just full circle and a really nice bow on the start of my senior year.” 

After this year, Eghosa is going to Mizzou on a full ride scholarship. She is majoring in health science and after college is done she doesn’t know exactly what she is doing but she is thinking about being a malpractice lawyer or a bio researcher. 

Her biggest piece is to not load yourself up with too much.  

“Don’t load yourself up with things to do unless you are absolutely sure you can handle it. If you do end up loading yourself up with too much make sure that you communicate with you sponsors and teachers about what is going on, so if you are having a hard time getting everything done they can work out a plan of action with you.”