Cultural Diversity

Monday, October 1st, was New Years, just not for the majority of students.


Noah Swopes

A holiday known as Rosh Hashanah marks the New Year for the Islamic and Jewish religions. This is because the Islamic and Jewish calendars have 10 months instead of 12 for the Gregorian calendar. This translates into different holidays for each of the religions as well, for Christianity and Catholicism, Christmas is the main holiday that represents Jesus, but for Judaism there is Hanukkah, Africans celebrate Kwanzaa, and Ramadan is for the Islamic faith. 

There are many different ways that each culture interprets something. For example, certain religions do not eat pork. Buddhists believe in Polytheism, the opposite for Christianity/Judaism who believe in Monotheism. 

Birthdays are not celebrated for the Islamic faith, but for Judaism and Spanish Culture, there are certain parties for celebration of age, Judaism is the Bar Mitzvah, for the Spanish culture you have a quinceanera.   

Each religion has a form of dress for religious events as well, like for the Islamic faith, they have the Hijab or Burka, both are items of clothing meant to cover most to all of the head, and or the full body, Judaism has the “Kippah” a non-brimmed cloth covering on the head. These things are not reinforced in the Christian and Catholic faiths, for traditional catholic churches or christian churches, like with the Baptist, Protestant, and etc, wear formal clothing like suits, dresses etc. 

Now relating to Lee’s Summit High School, everyone has their own outlook on their faith, rather if they believe in something or they do not. Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs and outlooks on life.