Fall Activities

Fall Activities

October, Fall has officially hit. It is now time for sweaters and pumpkin spice to take over the nation. This is the time when Instagram will be flooded with starbucks adds, and pictures of girls wearing uggs. Besides posting ThrowBack Thursday pictures of old halloween costumes, think about what to do in the time being

●  Go to a pumpkin patch: Visiting a local pumpkin patch like Faulkner’s Ranch can be a fun thing to do with friends and family.

●  Carve pumpkins: Picking out the perfect pumpkin to create a spooky masterpiece can bring fall spirit into homes everywhere.

●  Make fall themed crafts: Young or old, making crafts can be fun and entertaining. Leaf crafts are easy to make and also are perfect for fall.

●  Make a fun new recipe: There are so many fall recipes to choose from! Pinterest is the go-to place to find fun recipes for kids and adults.

●  Pick up a new hobby: As the temperature drops, and the trees start to lose their leaves, it can be fun to try doing something new, like knitting. Knitting is perfect for the chilly winds of fall.

Play in the leaves: Jumping in enormous piles of red and orange stained leaves is an old, and fun fall tradition for many.

Fall can be wicked fun if you can stand the smell of pumpkin spice and the sight of red and black flannels for a few weeks. Some may want more action for the fall, and some may just want to cozy up with a book and a piping hot cup of apple cider. In the end the moments that count are the ones that make you feel the most joy, so if going to Starbucks and posting costume throwbacks make you happy, then do it. Happy Fall.

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