Costume Ideas

Create the best last minute Halloween costumes.

Halloween is quickly appearing, students scramble to find quick, easy, and cheap costumes for Halloween night. So, here are 5 simple and cost-effective costumes that will still score some candy.

Business Professional:

With something as simple as a button-up from homecoming

or a blazer with tied-back hair,

anyone can dress to impress as

a member of the business world.





Glowstick Stickfigure:

Glowsticks can be taped onto

an all-black outfit to create

the illusion that a stickman is

in the neighborhood.





Just a plain white sheet,

anyone can achieve this

classic Halloween costume.





Fanny packs,

Hawaiian shirts,


cargo shorts,

and sunhats;




Just a small mask and an

outfit of choice, anyone can become

their own superhero.

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