Get Crafty

Get Crafty

Easy last minute crafts before halloween..


Spider Vase

Materials Needed:

–  Clear Vase

–  Black Spray Paint

–  Hot Glue Gun

–  String Cord


1. Heat the hot glue gun for 5 to 10 minutes, making sure it is nice and hot to work with.
2. On the clear vase, use the hot glue to create a spider web design on the vase or jar. There is also the option to make any other creative design of their choice.

3. While creating the spider web design, gradually place string cord onto the vase, into the hot glue, being careful not to burn fingers.
4. After the spider web is finished, let the glue dry, taking off any excess and unwanted hot glue.

5. Take the vase outside or to a space where there is the ability to spray paint. Shake the black spray paint can and then spray the vase, being careful to get the paint only on the vase.

6. Let the paint dry and now the decoration is complete.
7: Optional: Place black roses into the vase.


Acorn Pumpkin

Materials Needed:

–  Pipe Cleaners (One green and 4 black or orange)

–  Wood Beads/Orange Beads (Beads of your choice)


1. Take the four pipe cleaners and twist them together in the middle, making a spider-like form. The four pipe cleaners should now have eight “legs”.

2. Take the beads and put them onto the eight pipe cleaners that are now combined.

3. After the pipe cleaners are filled with beads, be sure to leave less than an inch of space to twist the pipe cleaners together, cut off any excess pipe cleaners

4. Taking the green pipe cleaner, twist it into a leaf shape, twisting it onto the top of the “pumpkin”.





Pumpkin Candle

Materials Needed:

–  Jar or small vase

–  Orange tissue paper

–  Modge Podge

–  Black sharpie or Black Felt

–  Glue


1. Put a thin layer of modge podge onto the vase, remember that a little goes a long way.

2. Tear random sized and shaped pieces of tissue paper and place onto the jar.

3. Repeat this process over and over again until the whole jar is covered in orange tissue paper. (Two plus layers)
4.  Cut out a triangle, nose, and mouth out of the black felt and glue the pieces onto the jar, making a pumpkin face. Or using a sharpie draw on the face of the pumpkin.



Monster Bush Eyes


Materials Needed:

–  Two styrfoam disks

–  Four pieces of white felt

–  Two pieces of black felt

–  Glue

–  Scissors

1. Cut and glue a piece of white fet onto one of the foam disks. Add another layer of the white felt.

2. Cut and glue a circle of black felt onto the white styrofoam disk, creating an eye.

3. Repeat steps one and two to the other styrofoam disk, creating the other eye.

4. When the glue is dry, place the eyes into bushes, making the bushes look like they have eyes.

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