Open Lunch

Is open lunch a possibility?


Jordan Wilson

Imagine not being confined to the cafeteria on campus and being allowed to go out and purchase food from a nearby restaurant. Could this be on the horizon for Lee’s Summit? 


The idea of having open lunch in a high school setting may not be feasible, because this could compromise students’ safety and the lunch break time could also provide problems due to the duration.


“Open lunch is not an option now due to the safety of students leaving campus during the school day,” assistant principal James Oyler said.


It could be difficult not only to pass this for our school but also coming to a consensus with the other two schools could have its own set of difficulties. 


“Additionally, this would have to be approved by the district as all three high schools would need the same opportunities,” Oyler said.


Open lunch does not seem like something that can be expected in the near future, because this would be a large amount of commitment for something that could be a risk for students.


 “At this time, there are no plans to have an open lunch,” Oyler said.


Open lunch seems to be a favorable option for students, but due to a variety of factors, it seems like it may not be on the plate for high school.