Wednesday Morning Routine (Due to Protest)


Eleanor Ammerman

Wondering where to go on Wednesday morning? September 18, from 8:00 – 8:30 a.m., Westboro Baptist Church will be holding a protest in front of our school. In the wake of this, your morning routine to school may be changed just a bit to keep our students safe and keep the day as normal as possible.

For students who drive to and park at the school, here’s what you need to know: Students who park in the main lot of the school can only enter off of Browning – you cannot enter from the west entrance off Blue Parkway. Students parked in the Tiger Head Lot have been moved to the East Parking Lot for the day (soccer lot).

For students who are dropped off at school: If you enter the parking lot through the west entrance to be dropped off, you will instead turn onto Browning and enter the school through the B – Gym doors. If you enter through the west entrance coming east off Blue Parkway, you will enter instead through the east entrance and enter the building near either A114 or A130.

This procedure is to keep everyone safe and keep the school day running smoothly, so remember to stay alert and pay attention to any instructions you may receive from LSHS Staff and LSPD Officers to limit further disruptions in traffic.