Lawrence Gets A Little Brit Great

European theme stores take over Downtown Lawerence.

From The Beatles to Big Ben, Britain’s most prized possession is right here in Lawrence, Kansas. The Brits store is located in Downtown Lawrence carrying many items found in everyday British life.

“We wanted to bring the British culture here, and for people to experience that,” employee Juliana Weslnder said.

Employee Juliana Weslnder orders the tea back into place to appeal to the customers.“Favorite Item is the Paris tea, it’s a citrus, vanilla, lavender tea,” Weslnder said. Over the other 40 teas she has tried, she enjoys the Paris tea the most because it is very relaxing.

From tea to jam, and even to the cutout of the queen, the Brits store has products that would be seen every day in Great Britain. A variety of more than 50 different teas, and over 20 jams, people can find the right taste for them.

“We do get a lot of British people for business. It’s a spot for people that want a taste of home while living here,” Weslnder said.

The store has many items to showcase Britain’s potential. Designed mugs, tea infusers, designs of the British flag. A lot of people from Britain culture, or has visited Britain come to this store to remember what life was like there.

Right next door of Brits is Au Marché which is a dip into European Culture. This differs from Brits, because Au Marché does not just focus on Great Britain, but countries like Germany, Netherlands, and France.

“Country products that you would see in this store are Germany, Scandinavia, and the Netherland. Those nationalities are where most of our customers go for. We have food all over Europe but mostly Western Europe and a touch of Eastern Europe,” Owner Lora Wiley said.

Owner Lora Wiley sits down to talk about why she started her business. “It’s hard not to eat the chocolates every day, but the cheeses and the soaps are my favorites as well,” she explains. With so many products in the store, the admires the chocolates, cheese, and soaps the most.

Wiley has owned Au Marché for almost 21 years. Every item found in the store is an item from somewhere across the Pacific Ocean.

“I was a graduate at KU, and went abroad for 9 months in France, and I came to a store that sold skittles and Oreos. I thought that I have been away from home long enough that seeing American items were very common, and it just warmed my heart, I wanted to do the opposite someday,” Wiley said.

Shortly after she did succeed in her dream to give people the insight of European countries. Both stores have a contrast of showing people different products throughout Europe or giving them the satisfaction of remembering what life was like in Europe. Check out these stores in Downtown Lawrence.


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