Ava’s Announcement

The most jam worthy Jonas Brothers songs.

The Jonas Brothers were one of the top boy bands in the early 2000’s. They created many hits, had their own TV show, preformed many concerts, and were in a two part Disney movie series, ​Camp Rock​. Almost every teenage girl was a die hard fan of the Jonas Brothers.

Although Joe Jonas, Nick Jonas, and Kevin Jonas were part of one of the biggest boy bands during the time, they sadly broke up in 2013. Fans were devastated from their split. They were still brothers and spent time together, they just did not create anymore music together. Joe Jonas went on and was lead singer of a new band DNCE in 2015. Joe’s band was very successful. Nick Jonas also continued his singing career and created a total of three albums, now claiming his solo career was “very successful.” The final member of the Jonas Brothers band, Kevin Jonas, did not continue with a solo career, but became a father with his time off. I think it is fair to say they all spent their time after the split, very wisely.

However, as of this year the famous brothers are back. After announcing their comeback, the internet went insane. Videos were put all across social media, thousands of tweets were created, and everyone was talking about the Jonas Brothers’ return to the music industry. The brothers did lots of campaigning and explaining on “The Late Late Show with James Corden”; lots of the show was put on ​Youtube​ and got millions of views.

In honor of their comeback, this is a list of their most jam-worthy music from before their split.

Year 3000 – A classic, feel-good song by the Jonas Brothers. In my opinion, one of the best songs to jam out to in any setting. This song was released in 2006, but is listened to many times everyday, more than ten years later. The hit song was actually a cover of “Year 3000” by the band ​Busted​ from 2003. The band allowed the brothers to use the song, and change a few lines to fit their audience better.

Lovebug – A fan favorite song of the Jonas Brothers is “Lovebug”. The song is actually inspired by the movie T​ he Notebook​ and was written by the famous brothers themselves. It was recorded and released a year later in 2008. The chill song will instantly make people dance, and maybe even play the air guitar, once it hits the chorus.

Burnin’ Up – The hit song was known as their top song, up until 2019, but is still just as good as any other song. This song was performed by the Jonas Brothers many times on their ​Burnin’ Up Tour​. This song was also written and sung, in 2008, by the three brothers, and even features their bodyguard “Big Rob” on the song.

Sucker – The boys’ newest single, and their first song released since the Jonas Brothers reunited is “Sucker”. “Sucker” instantly became their top song, and even number one on top charts throughout the United states and Canada. The style of this song is so similar to their earlier songs which everyone appreciates. This is the first song the trio has made in six years and hopefully not their last.

S.O.S – This very well known Jonas Brothers’ song, “S.O.S”, was written by Nick Jonas himself. It was released in 2007 and did very well. So well, it sold a total of about 1.5 million copies total. It is an amazing upbeat song that immediately makes everyone want to sing.

These are just a few of the Jonas Brothers top songs and, in my opinion, their best songs. These three brothers have been all over the internet lately and have surprised everyone with their reappearance. The Jonas Brothers had a very successful career many years ago, and there is no doubt it will happen again.