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Incoming musicians take over the music industry.

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Listening to the radio, filled with the top artists everybody loves and popular musicians who have hits and hits. Dancing in the car to the same voices everyday on the way home. Nothing is wrong with those outstanding voices, but there are also those artists getting one or two hits out on the radio and gaining an audience.

In today’s music industry, there are many musicians whose careers are steady, underrated, overrated, and also gaining popularity. Today there are enough musicians to cover every single one of those categories. Even just focusing on the artists who are advancing in the industry.

Artists have been around for so long, but are just now being recognized. There are also some just joining the business. Here are some of my personal favorite up and coming artists that cover both subcategories of being new and experienced with the industry. They have long, successful careers ahead of them.

Rex Orange County – Rex Orange County, also known as Alex O’Connor, is an alternative/indie artist making diverse sounding music. People are falling for his music and loving his single “Loving is Easy”. He collaborates with lots of artists including rapper Tyler, the Creator. Rex Orange County is on the rise and ready to be in the indie spotlight. His music is heavenly on any platform.

Tyla Yaweh – Tyla Yaweh has showed up to the music production and showed off his skills. Tyla Yaweh is a hip-hop/rap artist with lots of great hits including “Gemini”. He has been seen by major musicians and is making his way up in the music business. He now performs at music festivals where he can share his talent.

Tame Impala – Tame Impala, lead by Kevin Parker, is known for their psychedelic music and vibey songs. With their three albums, ​Currents​ being the biggest, they have been showing off for years. Tame Impala is even headlining Coachella this year in 2019. Every song they have is incredibly different. They have incredible talent that can be seen by anyone.

Maggie Rogers – This solo singer has been playing music since she was a little girl and has had a steady career as an artist for a couple years now. With her new album release ​Heard It In A Past Life,​ she blew up. The album hit number one on alternative top charts, and so many people were introduced to the singer. People love her and her music.

  Joji – Joji is a Japanese artist with a wide array of music. He is also known for his Youtube career as FilthyFrank before getting into music. His genre is more of R&B, but can be recognized for talent with other genres also. This music will be seen as pure gold by almost any listener. His music is only getting better and gaining more popularity.

Artists staying in the top charts are amazing but so are the ones growing in the industry. Listed are personal favorites, but there are countless talented musicians rising and taking over music as we know it.