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Ten free must-have apps to introduce to your phone.

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Mostly everyone’s life is all on their phones. It is their whole life, and how they spend most of their time. On a phone, someone can communicate, stay organized, entertained, and updated. All of this with just a small device that can fit in your pocket.

There are millions of apps out there to support these things, but nobody has the time to try out every single one of them. So this is a review of the apps that are overall some of the best and most helpful out on the app store.

Hootsuite – Hootsuite is such a convenient app to help with your Twitter profile. Everyone gets an idea for a tweet, but knowing no one will even see it at the time, it is never tweeted. Hootsuite scheduled tweets at any desired time, especially so the thought will not be forgotten. It will post tweets for all of your accounts to keep your social media presence up to date. Rate: 9/10

VSCO – VSCO is a multi-use app, used for editing, socials, and photography. I personally use this as my only editing app for my pictures, my profile of photos, a social media to see other’s collection of pictures, and even for inspiration. Once this app is downloaded on a phone, it will not be put down. This app is widely used by girls, but will be loved by any person of any age. Rate: 10/10

Houseparty – Houseparty is a group video chat app. Chat with up to sixteen people on video call, and up to thirty-two with voice call. This app is great and useful, especially since lots of phones do not have a call feature for more than two people. There are dozens of other chat and communication apps like this one out on the app store, but I believe this one is best. Although, Houseparty is rated a seven, and not a ten, because you still do have a phone app built into your phone. But this app is still included since it is very convenient to have an app for calling more than one person. Rate: 7/10

Dote – Dote is a variety shopping app to shop and look at clothes from dozens of different brands and shops. Shop for clothes, accessories, beauty products, and more, and save it all to a profile. This app is favorable, since most of everyone’s favorite shops are all in one place, especially to compare prices and see exactly what is wanted. I rated Dote an eight since this app is super convenient, but since it does not have every single store and brand out there, I did not rate it a ten. Rate: 8/10

SkyView Lite – I may be the only one who loves the stars and space, but with this app it can all be seen. Put a phone up to the sky and point it wherever is desired and see all of space. You can see the stars, planets, constellations, almost everything, all from a basic app. Rate: 8/10

Quizlet – Quizlet is a must for any student. The app helps anyone study for anything and everything. Quizlet has public study sources and access for anyone to make their own study material too. Yes, there are many other study sources out there, but I do believe Quizlet is the most helpful, easiest to use, along with that it has so many great features. Quizlet is there to help everyone pass all their classes. Rate: 9/10

Sandbox – Everyone gets to points on their phone when they just want to play a game. Sandbox is not much of a game, but more of a coloring app. The app has dozens of pictures for you to choose from and color. It is an absolutely addicting app that everyone loves. Rate: 9/10

Google Photos – Google Photos is an absolute must even if everyone has a camera roll. It organizes all photos and videos and will take up very little storage, where as the media on a camera roll would take up lots. Perfect for organizing everything how you want it, saving storage, and it is all linked with your Google account. This app is super helpful, but I did only rate it a seven since it is an inconvenience to not have all your photos in your camera roll. Other than that, the app is a storage saving genius. Rate: 7/10

Dream Journal Ultimate – Hearing that lots of people have crazy dreams, but when coming to tell everyone about them, they forget. Dream Journal allows everyone to keep track of all crazy dreams as often as possible. No more forgetting the dreams or blanking when trying to explain them to someone. Rate: 8/10

theScore – theScore is a sports app that keeps everyone up to date on scores, news, players, games, and so much more about any sport at anytime. This app is not only good for sports-loving people, but everyone. Always know what is going on with your favorite teams and even get alerts. Rate: 9/10

All together, these apps should help a lot with many different things. Like before, these mostly support staying updated, entertained, organized, and connected personally and to others.