Ava’s Announcement

An inside look at Netflix's most underrated shows.

I swear I am the only one who scrolls through Netflix for an hour, looking for something, anything to watch, and end up searching for an hour. Then, end up watching the same show over again for the fourth time.

Looking for a new show on Netflix is the most difficult thing, even though they have hundreds of shows to choose from. All I ever see is, ‘watch​ Riverdale’​ , ‘watch ​Pretty Little Liars’​ , or ‘watch ​Stranger Things​’ I am sure these shows are great, but seeing the same shows is so aggravating.

Here is the ultimate guide to shows on Netflix that everyone has been scrolling right past and majorly missing out on. If these shows have not been seen, start them, so no one will be missing out anymore.

The Fosters is a show about a family of adopted and fostered kids.

The Fosters​ – I am sure many people have heard of this show, but I do not believe a lot of people have really seen it. ​The Fosters​ is an incredible TV show about a lesbian couple that have adopted multiple kids. The show basically goes through their lives and the obstacles they have as they deal with serious, real world issues. It has a total of five seasons, all on Netflix. Perfect if you are looking for a show to hold you over for a while. I am incredibly serious about this, watch this show.

Rate : 8.5/10

The Carrie Diaries​ – This show is seriously underrated and also one of my all time favorite shows. Carrie Bradshaw is the main character. The show follows Carrie through part of high school as she falls in love with New York and Sebastian. ​The Carrie Diaries​ is a prequel of ​Sex in the City​, that shows her while she is still in high school and slowly making a life in New York. With only two seasons and 25 minute episodes, The Carrie Diaries is perfect if you are looking for a quick show to get through.

Rate : 9/10

Black Mirror​ – This show will absolutely blow your mind. ​Black Mirror​ is a show with no storyline whatsoever. Every episode is different, but they all are mostly about future technology or just mind-blowing things in general. The great thing about this show is since there is really no storyline, the episodes can be watched in whatever order. The episodes can be watched traditionally and in order, watch the last episode to the first, or just jump around. Some of my personal favorite episodes are N​ osedive​, ​San Junipero​, A​ rkangel​, andFifteen Million Merits.​ I for sure hope this recommendation will be taken on.

Rate : 7/10

Greenhouse Academy is an underrated show about a brother and sister surviving a high class school.

Greenhouse Academy​ – To be completely honest, I finished the first season of this show in one sitting. This Netflix Original show, G​reenhouse Academy​,is not super popular, but should be getting all the credit. The show contains a brother and sister attending a high class school for leaders, that they have to pass a crazy difficult test to get in to. Their mom also attended before she died, blasting off into space with NASA. Hailey and Alex survive this school together while surpassing lots of relationships, trouble, and even mystery. This show is only two seasons, but with 42 minute episodes. This show goes by super quick, but will leave everybody wanting more, especially with the renewal of season three and four.

Rate : 8.5/10

Girlboss​ – ​Girlboss​ is the story of a girl in her early 20’s, struggling with money. Her life is honestly a mess but once she finds a passion for buying vintage clothing and selling it, she starts an Ebay business. The business seriously helps her life, but still causes lots of issues. With very high confidence, Sophia learns what it is like being a businesswoman. The show is also based off of the actual founder of the clothing brand Nasty Gal. ​Girlboss​ only follows one season with 26 minute episodes, this show is absolutely perfect if someone is looking for a brief and short show to watch.

Rate : 6/10

Jane The Virgin – This might just be my favorite show in the whole entire world. I am sure everyone has heard of this show, but I fear they are not actually watching it. J​ane The Virgin​ follows Jane Villanueva, a virgin, as she becomes pregnant with a rich hotel owner’s baby. That might be confusing, but I promise it all make sense once it is watched. This telenovela is all about love triangles, family, but also a lot of mystery. Everything about this show is fantastic. The actors, storyline, twists, transitions, the intro, and so much more. You will be hooked on this show. This show currently has four seasons out on Netflix right now, and they are currently making season five. I genuinely hope this show is at least given a chance because I am sure that everyone who tries it, will love it. I also promise, everybody will fall in love with the narrator.
Rate : 10/10

Now that everyone has heard how much I adore these shows, please give them a shot. I am super honest about my ratings. I believe these are seriously some of the best shows that are just scrolled right past. I sincerely hope you try these shows out.