Marching With Mickey

Lee's Summit band members come together to perform in Orlando's Citrus Parade.


The bands march down the street. They have practiced for weeks and now they are finally performing in a televised parade.

“The Citrus parade is an annual event in Orlando. They get a ton of school marching bands to march in the streets,” band director Brady Finch said.

The Citrus Parade is a city event that takes place in downtown Orlando. A collection of marching bands from a variety of schools make up the parade.

“They were looking for bands to come in. We did have to coordinate an audition for all three high schools,” Finch said.

All three of the Lsr7 schools took part in the parade which was a feat in and of itself. The schools had to organize themselves to submit the audition. Being part of such a large event must have put some stress on the students themselves.

“There were a lot of Disney characters in the parade. We were intimidated at first. All of the schools felt unified because all of the uniforms were similar so that helped ease our nerves,” drum major Haley Mesz said.

Although there was a lot of pressure put on the marching band, it was all a dream come true for everyone involved. The Lsr7 district was well represented at such a grand event.