Hey, Lily!

Insight on a talented student.

The crowd hushes as the music starts. Excited to put on a good show, Lily and her fellow Tigerettes prepare to dance. Freshman Aldenderfer is multi­talented who is currently involved in Tigerettes, Freshman Women’s choir, Preludium honor choir, and Team Driven.

“My daily life is very busy. I wake up, get ready to go to school, go to dance team afterwards, go home to do homework, and sing, and/or dance in my free time,” Aldenderfer said.

A busy schedule that would make people throw their hands up in frustration, but she makes it work. Not only that, but Aldenderfer is also in Heart of America dance classes.

I started dancing because it’s an expression of feelings that I cannot put into words. I have been dancing for 13 years now.”

— Aldenderfer

“I do all kinds of dance; jazz, tap, contemporary, ballet and pom,” Aldenderfer said.

Ballet, the foundation of other types of dance is very important for most dancers. Tap where there are faster movements with metal­plated shoes. Contemporary being a slower and more expressive type of dance. Pom and jazz are similar in a way, but pom uses pom­poms and has a lot of dramatic facial expressions whereas jazz is sharp, but with a lesser amount of the facial expressions.

“I started dancing because it’s an expression of feelings that I cannot put into words. I have been dancing for 13 years now,” Aldenderfer said.

She has been dancing for a long time and will continue in the future due to her passion for it.

STRIKE A POSE: “I was too young to know who inspired me to start dancing but two people who have inspired me to keep dancing are Derek and Julianne Hough,” Aldenderfer said. Aldenderfer went to see them live and they inspire her to work as hard as she does today.

“I absolutely love being on the Tigerettes dance team. I feel so close to all of the girls and enjoy growing as a dancer and a person,” Aldenderfer said.

It feels like a family to her because all the members have each other’s backs and there is always someone to talk to.

“My perspective on music is that life is made so much more enjoyable and fun with music. I feel that music is a huge part of not only my life now but a part of my childhood and I feel that music has made me the person I am today,” Aldenderfer said.

Aldenderfer highly enjoys music and has a deep respect for it and how it shaped her as a person until now. She has always loved to sing and started because of the joy she feels during and after performing.

“Something I would want people to know about me is that I love computer designing and robotics, despite the stigma that dancers and cheerleaders can’t be into that,” Aldenderfer said.

Aldenderfer is well­rounded extracurricularly as she is involved in a multitude of things that have no relation.

“I joined robotics because I’ve always had a draw to designing and creating problem­solving devices, and joining the team was as easy as signing a piece of paper,” Aldenderfer said.

Aldenderfer participates in many different activities. Though juggling it all can be difficult, she stays involved because of her enjoyment of each one. She only wants the best for her friends and will help them through rough times.