Mike’s Moment

For over a decade, the NFL hosted games in London in an attempt to broaden their audience and the question is why there is not an American Football League in London.


With the success of American football in other nations, including England and Mexico, the idea of an International Football League is not out of the picture. The question is when or how it would go into effect. Starting with the Futbol Americano in 2005, with the Arizona Cardinals defeating the San Francisco 49ers at the Estadio Azteca in Mexico City with a total attendance of over one hundred thousand; that tramples over the average attendance of ​68,331.​ In 2018, the Kansas City Chiefs and the LA Rams will be in that same stadium for the International Series. In Wembley this year, The Philadelphia Eagles attracted enough attention to fill the stadium as they beat the Jacksonville Jaguars in front of 87,870 fans of American football.

The idea of an international audience for American football excites me as much as I enjoy getting a new video game. Seeing all those people enthusiastic about a sport is why I enjoy watching soccer. You do not need to be from there to like the team, but because you and someone else like the team makes it so that you spark conversation with them and maybe even befriend them. It is the wonder of spectator sports. They unite people in ways that do not really make sense. I should not like football because it does not make sense to enjoy watching grown men plow into each other to run a ball down a 120 yard field in a contest to see who can play catch the best. However, watching the Washington Redskins with my dad on Sundays has brought me close with the family. Even with that weird aunt who likes the Dallas Cowboys even though she has no reason too. We are not from there and have only been there a few times, but she continues to like them. London and Mexico also have that feeling about their sports and I want to see them have that feeling with American football so that we can understand each other a little better. The world does not need fights over anything other than who has more championship rings.