Have Fun Raising Funds

Students have fun raising money for a good cause.


Raising school funds can be a challenge for some schools. A good fundraiser gets students involved with the school, but also be able to accomplish the goal of raising funds. Despite the challenges, the Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) were able to come up with an event to tackle all of the obstacles. Despite what FBLA is doing, most students do not know what FBLA is.

“FBLA is a business student organization. Any student enrolled in a business class is welcome to join,” FBLA sponsor Cathy Sisler said.

There many benefits by joining FBLA. This club can help students get their community service hours done. FBLA also opens up many opportunities for students. For more information about the FBLA itself, students can contact Sisler via email.

“This is the first year doing the dodgeball tournament. Through the dodgeball tournament, we are trying to raise awareness for FBLA and coldwater,” business teacher Cathy Sisler said.

The dodgeball tournament is meant to bring awareness to coldwater and to FBLA itself. Coldwater aids families in the Lee’s Summit community. This comes in the way or financial aid, donating canned goods, and even donating clothing to those who need it.

“We were coming up with some ideas for a fundraiser, and we saw how good the middle school tournament went and we just took the idea from there. Other ideas we had were a father-daughter dance and a halloween party, but we thought this would get more people involved,” senior Garrhet Swilley said.

Swilley was the one who thought of the idea for the fundraiser. Him and other members of FBLA have high hopes for the tournament. They believe the tournament will have a successful turnout for both FBLA and Coldwater.

The Tournament is being done for a good cause, to help the community and raise funds for FBLA. The tournament will take place on the eight of November. Depending on how well it does, the tournament can be the new tradition for Lee’s Summit High School.