Bring the Spirit

The school mascot creates a sense of pride and tradition.


The mascot takes a deep breath and strides toward the rambunctious crowd. Excitement bubbled in their chest, as they shuffled across the side of the field driving the crowd wild.

“I think my favorite thing about our mascot is that the mascot is a part of the tradition of Lees Summit,” basketball coach Blake Little said.

The tradition at of the mascot at LSHS has always been a important one. As the crowd gathers around the stands, and yell in each others ears. They cheer for the mascot, who has been prancing around for them.

“They work hard, enjoy what they do and just has one of those personalities that everybody likes,” art teacher Manning Williams said.

A tradition that was recently lost over the years was never giving out the face under the mask. The mascot is its own living thing, thriving on school spirit. The mascot does not even have a gender either, or a name.

“They come to the games, they know where the cheerleaders are, they know what the mascot is doing.” Little said.

Everybody who comes to the games will also see the mascot. The mascot helps hype up the crowd. Without them, the cheerleaders would have to work harder than they already do.

“It has always been kept a secret from year to year, and some years it has more important than others,” activities and athletics director Tracy Bertoncin said.

This year it is more important to keep the face under the mask a secret, because they want the mascot to be its own living thing. The mascot has more duties than just games though, they go to some other events too.

“I went to an assembly at an elementary school and the cheer clinic, and I took pictures with the little kids,” LSHS Tiger Mascot said.

The mascot puts in a lot of effort to make the crowd happy, and has to be able to dance and play around.

“I have to go with the crowd, but that can be hard, because they will cheer for anything,” the Mascot said.

Our students have outstanding school spirit, andwill cheer for the tigers for the rest of their lives. Getting the crowd wild is a hard job, and we should all appreciate the mascot a little more.