Access Denied

Classes are not able to be in session because of their shortage of enrolled students.


A student opens up PowerSchool, excited to see if they were placed in the class they really wanted to take. The student’s face crumples with disappointment that they were not placed in the class because too little people signed up for it.

This is the case for a few of the classes at our school. A prime example of this would be the science of manufacturing class that has never been taught here.

“This class focuses on building skills for students who are interested in agricultural or medical manufacturing jobs and are not currently college bound,” chemistry teacher Jay Reese said.

The class would help students interested in this career path to gain the ability needed to move on with this career path throughout college, then life in the real world.

“It is a mix of biology, chemistry, and physics. Its difficulty is that of a standard junior level course,” Reese said.

With these aspects to the class, it would be a good fit for certain members of the junior student body and the class has not been in session yet.

It is a similar case for the economics class that would be taught by social studies teacher Joe Donahay.

“We do not have an economics class offered because not enough students sign up for it,” Donahay said.

Taking a topic like economics would help the students with many aspects of life outside of school such as money, consumers, money income distribution, employment, firms, markets, national income, and inflation.

“I think it is a good course with a lot of good content. There are so many classes for students to choose from, though, and when a class has not had enough interest for several years, it can be difficult to generate that interest from scratch when you are competing against so many other high­quality options on and off of campus,” Donahay said.

There is a surplus of great classes at our school that suit each individual student’s career needs. Some classes are popular and have a ton of students enrolled or wanting to enroll in, while others do not have that many students. These classes may be a perfect fit for a good portion of our students, but since these classes are uncommonly spoken of, students may not get the chance to take the classes.