Dressing Discipline

Students face the daily struggle of Fashion VS Faculty.

It’s an all-to familiar scene. A female student walks down the halls on her way to first hour. Looking down at her new outfit she smiles happy with her new look. A teacher in the hall calls her over frowning. She is told that her top is a violation of the dress code and is forced to discard the favored top.

The dress code and whether it is fair or not has been a discussion that has been around for a long time. Some think that it is alright to have a dress code and have no problem with it, while others hate the very idea of it.

“Places of employment have particular dress codes of what you can and can’t wear that are monitored way more strictly than the high school dress code,” science teacher Kelsey Park said.

Some students tend to believe that dress codes are pointless and restricting. That is fine to think since they are entitled to their opinion, yet like it or not there most likely will be a dress code in place at the place of their future work. Also there will be more severe consequences for breaking the dress code.

Physical education teacher, Jamie Volker believes that the dress code installs regulations, so that kids understand what they can and can not wear. “It is appropriate to help kids understand he or she can’t wear whatever they want when they want because that does not reflect reality,” Volker said.

“I support a dress code because the vast majority of jobs our students will have in the future either require a uniform or some standard of dress determined by his or her employer,” physical education coach Jamie Voelker said.

By having a dress code the students are able to become prepared for the real world without having false expectations about what they can and can not wear. That way they will not get into trouble with their boss on the first day for wearing something inappropriate to a professional workplace.

“Sometimes, especially for the ladies, it can get tough and frustrating to always adhere to the dress code since different styles try to flaunt certain areas,” said Park.

It can be difficult to follow the code since a mass of clothing made for girls go against the dress code yet look good to the buyer. Specifically when semi-formal and formal events take place at school. That is because the vast majority of outfits made for the special occasions go against the code in question. Some wonder what the inconsistencies that take place are and Park was able to answer that.

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“It kind of depends on the teachers you have and the route you have to take to get to class,” Park said.

Park also mentioned that there are certain teachers who are more strict on the dress code and others who are more lenient, which is an inconsistency. One person may get dress coded while taking one path and another person may get dress coded while wearing the same outfit but taking a different path. Which is not the most helpful when figuring out what is allowed to be worn and what is not.

At the time of printing J-lab-Mag’s request for a dress code statistic was denied. Although there are mixed views on the dress code, it helps prepare us for our

future jobs and successes for life. There are inconsistencies that take place but unless the dress code were to be more strictly enforced then there really is not much to be done about it. As students at our school we should not focus on how we disagree with certain rules. Rather we should focus on having the best experience as we can here.