Mike’s Moment

Ripping, burning, and throwing out hundreds of dollars, all because of one kneel.

Colin Kaepernick is no longer in the NFL, but his influence is still spreading about police brutality and social injustice. As the new “Face of Nike”, Kaepernick has sparked a new wave of angry customers, who have taken to defacing Nike products because they do not agree with his way of protesting.

I am not concerned with what others support because that is all about them, but defacing Nike products does not do anything to the brand. If you have already bought the product and given your money. If people do not want to support them anymore then do not buy anything else. Do not go ruining perfectly good clothing that could be donated to the less fortunate or just in general be used for their intended purpose.

Despite recent boycotts, Nike has seen a 3% increase in sales over the past 2 months.

Nike is not a political statement, it is a clothing line, and the Colin Kaepernick ad is part of  the anniversary of the “Just Do It” campaign. They support many people of many different viewpoints, even Lebron James supports the move also, if we go onto another issue of the fact that people think he was disrespecting the country and our military, then all of the fans in our local area of the Chiefs have been doing something just as disrespectful. The Chiefs’ version of the national anthem has not once been said right, that should bother you more than a player taking a knee to respect a group of people who were wrongfully killed by the system that was supposed to be protecting them.

No matter the opinion, people like to pick and choose when things are disrespectful or harmful to someone or a group of people, and that is the bigger issue. Opinions are like butts, everyone has one, but it does not need to be shown. Some things may affect some people differently than others and we have to understand that as a collective group to help understand our fellow peers.