A Cover on Book Club


School Collaboration: Freshmen Amelia Smith and Tleta Herzog working with Lee’s Summit North students on the trivia game. “I like working with the other school because it dismisses the idea our schools are always down each other’s throats,” Smith said.

Many people enjoy reading, whether it helps them close their eyes at night, or they just need something leisurely to do. For reasons such as this, book club is offered so one may spend their time reading and speaking through their common interest with others, though some people may not know as much as they think about book club.

“People may think that we don’t have very much fun, but we do, and it’s not just about books, we talk about all kinds of things related to books like movies and other types of things,” book club leader Jennifer Coleman said.

Many people have a tight schedule, so one advantage of book club is that they meet more sparsely than many clubs and still have a social basis.

“Book club meets on the second Wednesday of every month until 3:30, and currently hosts around 22 people. It really helps get me out of my comfort zone,” book club member Nicole Jacobson said.

There are many reasons as to why book club members have stayed involved in this club.

“I think it’s nice to be able to talk to people who either share your views or have different views. I think it’s cool to read a book and see how other people interpret the same information,” Coleman said.

Book club has a wide variety of books to choose from, but only a few of them make the cut.

“We do read some of the state award winning books, but we also take recommendations from students in book club. We usually read two books a month and students can read either one or both if they have time, but we like to give an option so if somebody is not interested in one, they can read the other one, but a lot of times people read both,” Coleman said.

Students thinking about joining book club may wonder what makes this club different from others.

“Well, book club was here before I got here so I just kind of took it over, but, you know obviously as a librarian I love to read, and I see a lot of value in reading, and I like to bring students together who also enjoy reading and give them a place to kind of explore reading different books and give them people to talk to who enjoy the same thing,” Coleman said.

Book club could be considered as a way to get one out of their comfort zone and get involved, giving one a basis to talk to people about similar interests, and hopefully spread that same love for books.