Flying Flags

Nyah’s flag twirls in perfect unison with the rest of the golden guard team as their performance unfolds. All the practice, and hard work pay off for this moment of beauty, and synchrony. This gives a small taste of the golden guard’s performance.

All of the practice time seems to make a very strong team based on their recent success. The performance of the team improves more with every practice because they are trying to clean up every small detail.

“Practice is great right now we are just cleaning up the performance,” Golden guard member Nyah Gale said.

The team always is looking for new members. Anyone can audition for the team. The golden guard team is actually two separate teams that hold different auditions

“Auditions are in the Fall and Winter and they are separate teams,” Gale said.

Anyone can be a part of the golden guard team. Boys have been on the team before but it did not work out this season.

“Girls and boys can join, we have had guys on the team before but it just didn’t end up working,” Gale said.

The golden guard team is a family experience full of acceptance, friendship, and bonding.

“My favorite part of guard is getting to know people and becoming family with my team and doing something I love which is guard,” Gale said.

Twirling flags silently flutter to the ground as the performance comes to a close.