An Artsy Success

GOT SKILLS! | Senior Nanari Barrerolena has been an art student for all four years of her high school career. “I felt pretty excited, because my artwork has been in many shows in the past,” Barrerolena said. She has placed many times in many different shows. “(This year) I actually got second place, so I was super happy about that,”Barrerolena said.

There are many activities to participate in. Students are given the chance to invest their time into something they have an interest in. Arguably some are more well known than others. The art show is a great competition that is often pushed to the side. These students give us a deeper look into the Lee’s Summit Art Fair.

The art show gives students the opportunity to demonstrate their abilities. The show may appear tame, but it is no different than any competition. Getting work into the art show can be a process.

“Sometimes you can choose, but most of the time it’s the teacher’s choice,” junior Abby White said.

The art teacher decides what artwork gets into the show, but some teachers give a bit more freedom to the students in deciding what goes in.

“Mr.Williams will let you decide what you want to put in,” senior Nanari Barrero said.

If the teacher decides to put in a piece that the student is not fond of, the student can always say no.

“The teacher will always ask if you want the piece in the show, but you can always decline,” White said.

Everyone gets butterflies in their stomach when they are anticipating a competition. The weight and pressure of meeting deadlines can be stressful for some students.

“Sometimes I do feel pressured to finish a piece, but the teacher can put in an older piece and save the unfinished one for the next show,”  White said.

The pressure does not only come from meeting deadlines, but from other students. The art show is a competition and like in all competitions, everyone is there to win.

“It can be a bit intimidating. There is a lot of competition among the contestants,” White said.

The art fair allows students to be able to see the talent of their fellow peers.

The process of the art show is something unique. The art teacher has to assign the students with something to do. Next, the teacher has to decide what goes into the show, but in the end it all comes down to the judges. Art can be very subjective. This makes it difficult to judge art without being biased, but the judges at the Lee’s Summit Art Fair found a way to make this easier.

“They judge by categories, they pick which is best in each category,” Barrero said.

The Lee’s Summit Art Fair took place Oct. 7 from 6-8 downtown Lee’s Summit. Many people showed up to see what these students were capable of. Some  students were even given awards for their pieces.