Get Noticed


Sophomore Jacob Mrachek makes a kickoff for the varsity boys team. “The first couple of games we were excited and then the game we won the coach told us to calm down and just play and that’s what we did,” Mrachek said
Freshman Grace Eason cheered on the varsity football boys for their first win of the season. “I was really proud of the team and I felt really good after the game,” Eason said.

Being a student-athlete is hard enough ,but going above and beyond to get noticed by fans ,peers ,and coaches proves to be a monumental task for some athletes.
To be a starting athlete players must go beyond practice to be great. They must focus on the little things.

“Winning isn’t everything–but wanting to win is,” Vince Lombardi Jr. said.
There are many ways to be noticed in sports but here are just a few of them, Go beyond practice, focus on the little things, compete everyday and always want to get better. Coaches are there to make players great to help athletes with all of the things they need to know so ask them for help with the little things or even the big things coaches love to help. The coaches want their players to succeed and do great.
“Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game” Babe Ruth said.
A lot of students think that they can go into a sport and be easy but they do not know that athletes have to work want to do the sport. Do it cause friends are doing then players will not want to have it at it and athletes will not work for their starting spot unless they are a freak athlete the player will not start if the athletes do not work for the things they want, they will not achieve anything and the athlete will not find their love for the sport if the athlete does not love what they do and strive for greatness.
“The thing about football – the important thing about football – is that it is not just about football.” Terry Pratchett said
Being a student-athlete is hard enough, but going above and beyond to get noticed demands even more from the students.