LSHS bands jump across the pond


A dewy, misty fog covers big, red double-decker busses. The Elizabeth Tower (or Big Ben as it is better known). The London Eye. The Tower Bridge. These are just a few things most would associate with the city of London, England. The city is hub of world culture.

Over 130 students and chaperones made the lengthy voyage to London this winter break and received a unique experience. They got to experience what it was like to be a foreigner in a different country.

“It was a lot more than I expected. It was really fun and a great experience,” freshman Max Myers said.

Some students experienced a sudden exposure to a brand new place and the culture that this new place has to bring with it.

“It was kind of what I expected but it was also a lot more than I expected because it was kind of a culture shock to see how people could be so much like us but so different than us,” sophomore Sage Morgan said.

Students handled jet lag in different ways upon arriving in the United Kingdom. Some took time to adjust. Others said that it was fairly easy.

“I don’t think it was too hard to adjust to jet lag, although it was a struggle to get up in the morning,” Myers said.

For the most part, adjusting back to Missouri’s time zone was challenging for most of the travelers upon arriving back to Kansas City.

“On the way there it wasn’t that bad, but coming back was pretty bad,” Morgan said.

As a whole, the travelers did see some notable differences between American culture and British culture.

“You walk a lot more. You wouldn’t walk as much as you did in England as you did here. It’s just such a different environment,” Myers said.

While in London, students immersed themselves in the country of England. These students got to experience the daily life of a Brit.

“I feel like it’s a lot more fast-paced compared to America. Not very many people drive there. You have to always make sure that you’re on time to things and just keep going,” Morgan said.

Reflecting back on the trip, the travelers visited some amazing destinations and made some memories they will remember for the rest of their lives.

“Oxford was really cool. I also got to go up in the London Eye and I thought that was really cool as well,” Myers said.

During their stay in the United Kingdom, the travelers were exposed to the country’s vast history.

“I liked when we had our free day because our group got to see all of the rock n roll stuff. We got to go to Abbey Road and we also got to see the Ziggy Stardust plaque. All of that was really cool to see,” Morgan said.

Students on the London trip got a once in a lifetime opportunity. They got the opportunity to fall in love with a world class city that has years of history to its name. They made memories that will stay with them for the rest of their days.