Nailing the Audition


Auditions are the epitome bringing anxiety and worry, the constant fear of not knowing whether or not the audition would be good enough. Standing in front of professionals, not knowing what they are looking for is intimidating enough as it is, but to break that worry, here are a few tips.

  1. Learn all the audition or tryout material before the actual audition or tryout. Coming prepared is key and important, according to Musical Creations Entertainment. Practice as much of the song as one can with a pianist or background music, and always make sure you know the material well before heading into the scene or tryout. Plan when the tryout is, and make sure one has enough practice in before so. Get good sleep, drink plenty of water and eat healthy meals to make sure one is getting enough proteins to try out.
  1. Preparing for an audition ahead of time is important. Some people do not want to come out with a sore throat or busted ankle because one did not prep well enough. For singers, make sure you do proper warm ups and breathing exercises and drink a lot of water to keep your throat to its full potential. One can ask a teacher to help with finding the right warm up. For athletes it is stretching, making sure to keep the muscles loose and ready to go, whether it is football or cheerleading. But do not overwork any part, because that will not help anyone.
  1. Introductions and first impressions matter. Enter the audition or tryout with confidence and good body language, like one wants to be there and people want to succeed. Dress professionally. People care about how people present themselves and how assertive someone is for that role or position. Stand tall and give it the best shot.
  1. Being nervous is part of auditioning and trying out, so nerves will get to people sometimes. It will do someone no good to let them take over the mind with negative thoughts so be positive. If someone messes up on singing, do not stop and keep singing. If one misses a move or play while trying out, do no stop and keep going with everything. Stopping will show that people cannot move past mistakes, in regards to Musical Creations Entertainment.

Rest. Giving one some time to recuperate after working someone so hard during the pre phase of everything will let the body relax and break out any tension. Making sure someone stays healthy is more important than any audition or tryout, letting ones body catch up to the hard work and rewarding ones self with a day or two off.