Bucked by the Broncos


With fans going wild and hearts beating quickly, the game against the sister school Lees Summit North took a quick turn that no students expected.

Leaving the stadium with heads hung low, the basketball game took an unexpected turn. With high expectations for the team, the team stayed home losing by double digits, yet awaiting a victorious comeback.

“I thought North played very well, they shot the ball well and we did not do the things necessary to win the game, so credit to them,” Head basketball coach Blake Little said.

Lacking in executing the game plan well, the team had a clear idea in what they wanted to accomplish in the game both from and offensive and defensive philosophy.

“I believe we are improving in a lot of areas such as defending better, rotating better on defense, communicating better. We are going to also keep working on areas that need improvement,” Little said.

By finishing plays near the rim and executing better offensively and finishing defensive plays in terms of those defensive plays into offensive scoring opportunities.

“We are going to keep working, and as the coach it is my responsibility to help maximize the ability of our team, so I am going to watch more film, work harder also to try and plan better practices and make better game plans. All the things that I can do to help our team to improve, I am going to do,” Little said.

With the team leading a little more, taking a little more ownership in their own games and in their team, they plan on continuing to improve not only as a team, but also as individuals.

“In the game we came out flat and they were making shots, but I think what we lacked in most as a team would be having a leader,” point guard Kevin Hangust said.

Playing since the age of four, Kevin has always had a love for the game of basketball and wanting to see more fight during the games, he plans on being a leader on and off of the court for his team.

“It is not the size of the dog in the fight, it is the size of the fight in the dog. Whenever I am stressed I will go to the gym and play to let everything go and I will feel fine right after. I have so much love for the game,” Hangust said.

The team has decided to treat every game and practice as if it is the most important thing in the world while they are involved. Hoping to improve many aspects of the team and gaining good communication both on and off the courts, players have taken strict consideration as to why they play.

“My main goal is to improve my defense and try to be one of the best defenders on the team, but my other goal is to become more of a leader. I play basketball because I have always played and it’s a major part of who I am,” point guard Seth Romi said.

Being a family both on and off the court also plays a part in the team. Communication is key and the team is already planning a victorious turn around with their game play.