Busted Up

Around noon today an accident occurred between a Lee’s Summit School District bus and a pickup truck traveling westbound on I-70 near mile marker 203.

Students were attending the Missouri State Thespians Conference in St. Louis when the impending ice storm throughout Missouri caused school officials to end the trip early for the safety of the students and staff.

All persons on the school bus are reported to be uninjured, but the driver of the pickup truck sustained an injury to the nose.

People onboard the bus witnessed a semi truck swerve off the road, and as the bus came to a stop the pickup hit.

“I was really confused because everything happened right after another. It just happened so fast,” junior Joey Belmore said.

The pickup truck rear-ended the school bus causing major damage to the pickup truck. Damage to the school bus was concentrated to the rear of the bus where a window was broken, and metal was mangled.

Weather conditions around the state have led to icy roads, and MODOT advises drivers to avoid travel for the rest of the weekend.

After crews fixed plastic sheets to the broken window and removed glass from the bus, passengers rode the damaged bus until another bus was provided around 4:30 to transport students for the rest of the trip home.


Updates to follow.

Update January 13, 2017 5:30: Foristell, MO Police Sgt. Beekman said to the Lee’s Summit Tribune that despite earlier claims of an injury to the pickup truck driver, there were no injuries reported.

Update January 13, 2017 6:30: Passengers of the bus have arrived at the school.