Trying to Transition


Triumph after triumph, losing seemed nearly impossible for such a well-connected squad. Busting through the competition, the team nearly perfected perfection. Everything great must end, but the best stories start when the end builds something great.  Something new could be built for a new dynasty to form.

Lost of experience leads to gain in opportunity. For head basketball coach Blake Little, there is no room for concern when you trust guys and the process. Sure, he may have lost seven seniors, but he’s ready for the new journey. After all, the journey encompasses the best part of all great successes.

“There’s not a lot of experience, so really we what we are trying to do is get our kids prepared as best we can to develop in-game and succeed at the next level. I think they are going work hard and keep getting better as goes. We’ll see how they finish as the year goes on”, Little said.

The team looks forward to staying to true to what they have always believed with the program. Mixing passion and confidence some up the combustion for this team. Hard work and getting better give the team the means of following last year’s season.

“It (losing so many seniors) created a bunch leadership opportunities. Last year, those guys (former seniors) were people that I could go to. Being a sophomore, I knew I could come to them with anything; They always did the right thing on and off the court. I’m not really nervous. I’m more anxious and just ready for the season,” junior Somaj Brewer said.

This year, the basketball team recognizes the vacancy and opportunity. Last year the team finished with an undefeated regular season with seven seniors. Players, this year, are fully aware of what that means and ready to get back to a winning season.

“We learned from the success they had. The team must form one bond and stay close as brothers. We have to perform together as one unit. I’m more hungry this season and we want success out of everything we do,” senior Kevin Hangus said.

Players are looking forward to being better leaders and accepting larger roles. They now can be the ‘go-to’ guys and embrace all challenges. Instead of letting nervousness and expectation eat them up, capitalizing on hunger is the main goal.   Despite the tremendous previous year, the team did not gain the almighty trophy. Getting so far and coming up empty adds fuel to an everlasting fire.

“We want to keep it going and not let people down. You have to try not to worry about rankings and things this year. We have to focus because last year left a target on our back. Managing the right things in the classroom and on the court will contribute to our success. Working hard and wanting to be great is all it takes,” Brewer said.

It will be different missing such important figures, but there is no task the team is not ready for. When dynasties fall, new dynasties are meant to be built. With advice and shoes to fill from former seniors, the new squad looks forward to a great season.