Madison Heizer lands lead role in The Little Mermaid


With her red velvet curls bouncing by her side, senior Madison Heizer takes a deep breath as she prances across the stage to begin to perform as the youngest mermaid of them all, Ariel.

“Theatre stole my heart a while back. Ever since I could walk, I loved dancing. I grew up singing and dancing at my church when I was a kid. I always liked performing on stage,” Heizer said.

No matter what, all performances do not ow perfectly; there are always mistakes, no matter how many times lines have been run and songs have been sung.

“When I was in Joseph, I was a specialty dancer. It was a huge dancing show, so there were many different costumes and lifts. For one of the dances, I had a black wig on. It was in the middle of the dance and it was time for the biggest lift for my partner and I. Midway through, my wig fell o and shot across the stage. Of course, we were center stage, so I felt like everyone was staring at me. ere I was, 14 year old me with only a wig cap on,” Heizer said.

Even with her golden voice and her rosy hair, Heizer knew she would need more than that to land the lead as the shining star of the musical.

“I spent a lot of time working towards this part. I knew that there were other really amazing girls that wanted the same thing I did is made me work even more. Just because my hair color fit the role, I did not stop practicing. Nothing is set in stone. Throughout the whole process, I was preparing myself for someone else to get the part,” Heizer said.

e audience is never supposed to see the star sweat, but under all of the pressure, the star usually has some methods to keep her sane.

“In my experience, I do not think that I prepare to perform any differently than past roles. I learn my part, rehearse my part, and play my part. I always want to be the best I possibly can be. ere is something about being on stage in front of an audience that makes performing even better. I find going all out even more than I was before. You character takes over, and nothing takes away your moment. I have always had amazing, wonderful people who are always supportive. at just helps performing that much more,” Heizer said.

Performing in front of peers may be frightful to some, but Heizer seems to have the whole package, which will help her steal the crowd away.